Great Places to eat

This is the place to share your favorite restaurants, hotels/motel/B&Bs, roads, etc. Please create a New Topic for each recommendation and include the name of the hotel, road, etc. and the State or Province in the "subject" area.
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Great Places to eat

Postby harvey » Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:48 pm

Okay, I will add eating spots that Pam and I discovered this summer:

the first is more of a specific appetizer that we found in the chain of Eat and Park in PA and OH. This is chain but is family owned. The appetizer was locally fried potato chips and they came with a ranch dressing dip. I had never had this before and it was great. We have since tried them at some other restaurants and they are usually too greasy.

The second is the M&M restaurant in downtown Logan, OH. We ate lunch there and had delicious sandwiches which were prepared with fresh fixins. Then a couple days later we had a wonderful breakfast. Family owned and operated.

Finally back here in VA, we were in Front Royal and were able to go to Lil Debs for breakfast. All of it was delicious and the pancakes were just about perfect. And they forgot to add the blueberries! Family owned and operated.

Now for the barbecue lovers, we have a lot of good places here in Richmond, VA area but our favorite is Ronnies. Everything is take out but well worth it.
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