Example Financial Report

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Example Financial Report

Postby JerryM » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:26 am


There has been some discussion in "The Gathering" forum about the bookkeepers role and responsibilities and financial reporting. I'm afraid there is some good discussion there that is being obscured and potentially lost since the original post title is "Will it happen 2017 in Klamath Falls". I would encourage people to start a new thread to help people find and respond.

I suggested in some emails to a few people last year a simpler way to report finances. The current system is complex and expensive using Quickbooks. QB requires an annual subscription and someone who is very familiar with it to use it. My sense is that the finances of the MTA now are really quite minimal and could be posted in a simple spreadsheet.

I have been the president, VP, and treasurer of our motorcycle club here in Houston over the last 5 years. I created a simple, one-page spreadsheet to summarize our finances. In working for various social orgs over the years I have always thought that for any social, non-profit org the finances should be as open and public as possible. So I created a spreadsheet in Google Apps and posted a link to it on our website. That way anyone can click on the link and see the most current information instantly.

(If you are not familiar with Google Apps, they are based in the cloud, which means they can be shared and any changes are visible instantly.)

Here is a link to our club's financial report spreadsheet. At our monthly meeting we use a projector and show this spreadsheet and the treasurer goes over the income and expenses for the previous month, and presents a running total for the year.


Note that the current tab for 2017 only shows Jan as the treasurer hasn't updated Feb yet. For a better view of how it works click down at the bottom on the 2016 tab and you will see a complete picture for the year. Hover over the little black triangles for notes about certain entries.

This could be duplicated in a few minutes for the MTA and would take someone an hour or so to fill in the information. I would propose to put a link to the spreadsheet in the forums and on the website for everyone to see anytime.

It doesn't have to be complicated.

Update: I just created a spreadsheet for the MTA. Now if Steve or someone could update it we could make it public.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

I would be happy to answer any questions about how it works or how we use it.
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Re: Example Financial Report

Postby harvey » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:56 pm

Jerry that is an excellent form to report finances. I just hope it will work for the treasurer!
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Re: Example Financial Report

Postby lvldcook » Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:11 pm

I use Quickbooks to generate reports automatically as the information is already there and I don't have to recreate a new document or update a 2nd document every time a report is needed. I do not wish to start a new reporting system this late in the clubs lifecycle as I don't think the club will be around much longer in its current form and also I don't have time to do it and learn about and deal with all the unintended consequences. If someone else like Harvey wants to take over this responsibility and create these spreadsheets and keep them current, that would be fine with me. Just because Jerry thinks it would "take an hour" doesn't mean that's true. We don't meet monthly, we don't have a local group, we don't share in meetings. Also, membership data is not mentioned by Jerry though it is fully integrated into the current Quickbooks database. Separating out membership stuff, including all membership financial data, would not be trivial.

This morning I updated all the member data and exported to a spreadsheet which I have posted to Google sheets for any MTA member to use for mailings, emails, etc., for the upcoming rally. Let me know what else is needed. Here is the link:
https://docs.google.com/a/mtariders.com ... sp=sharing
(I'm also mentioning this spreadsheet availability in the previous thread).
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Re: Example Financial Report

Postby vtsjoe » Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:10 pm

I think I would have to agree with Steve here about changing financial platforms at this time if not for any other reason but the future of the club. I do strongly feel that the matter should be brought up at the next General Membership Meeting in KF. If the future of the club is brought up as an issue, I urge the BOD not to take any action until a vote of the entire active membership can be taken. I realize this means sending proxy votes to all but I believe the entire paying membership should be informed and counted. As for the noted membership list, I find some name that shouldn't be on it and others not on it. WHY???

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Re: Example Financial Report

Postby harvey » Sun May 21, 2017 1:20 pm

First I would like to say THANK YOU to Steve for puttiing this information on the google cloud or whatever! This is great! The only problem is you need an account to get into it as opposed to just putting it on this site. I realize the ease it is for many to use other sites and different passwords and userids but I like to keep it simple.

Second, and because I have been critical of Steve for a lack of reporting our finances to the membership, I apologize to all for my tardiness in responding! Somehow MTA website got eliminated from my favorites so I quit looking for it till yesterday when I realized I was not checking in regularly, Due to the lack of interest by others I had reduced my time of checkins to just once a week and then I obviously forgot about MTA. But this week the wife and I were planning our trip to Klamath Falls and I went to check for additional info and realized I had lost the link.

Steve is very correct that QuickBooks does offer a sort of one stop source to keep membership records, make mail labels, and prepare notifications of late dues and so forth very easily as well as maintaining a constant running record of income and expenses. But as noted it is detailed and requires one to invest a lot of time in the learning process.

Jerry's form on the other hand greatly simplifies but is not nearly as complete. Actually it is just a sort of modified form of an Excel spreadsheet which could be used as well. Because we don't need great detail reported every month, such a spreadsheet is a good way to report the info, but will such a system allow us to capture all of the information we need for membership as well as money? I could be done with Excel but would involve several spreadsheets, and certainly the member info would have to be kept private.

I do think Steve has a good point about starting something new at this point. I agree that a motion will be made at the General Business Meeting of the Membership to disband the club/Association/corporation. I feel this needs to be put to a valid vote and then if the majority vote to keep the club, we need to discuss officers, dues, and how we want to operate going forward. But if the vote is to disband, then let Steve close it out and do the final taxes and then either pay what is left in the Treasury to the individual Regular/Life members or donate it all to a charity chosen by the majority at the General Business Meeting.
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