Become part of a diverse group of riders by joining our organization. As a member, you will receive a membership card, an MTA pin, and an embroidered patch.


To join the MTA use this two step process: register then pay. To register just fill out the online form below. To pay with a credit card or Paypal click on the button below. To order multiple items (ex. a membership and a pin) when the shopping cart page appears just click on "Continue Shopping" to return.

If you have a spouse or other family member to join ("associate members") please complete one form for each person.

Note that existing members can also renew their memberships using this online form as well! This saves paper, postage, and time for everyone!

Step 1 Click on the link to register: MTA Membership Registration.

Step 2: Click below to pay.




To pay with a check send your payment to:


Motorcycle Touring Association

PO Box 2394

Loveland, CO  80539


If you have any questions you can call us at 970-663-2044.



Additionally, check to see if there is a local chapter in your area. Become part of a group that holds individual events and meetings at a convenient local location and time.