Bud Smith

Bud Smith

Ric Zittenfield
Chapter Rep, MTA OR1

April 4, 2008

Long time VTS / MTA member, Bud Smith recently left us for that big touring ride in the sky. Along with a few others, I can remember first meeting Bud and his wife Kathy back in 1985. We had responded to a newspaper ad announcing the formation of a local Portland chapter of the Venture Touring Society. As I recall, the restaurant's meeting room was packed with nearly forty Yamaha Venture riders and most signed up then and there, including the Smiths.

Until he no longer could, Bud was very active in the Portland chapter. He was Road Captain for many of the after-breakfast meeting rides, utilizing his vast knowledge of the area roads to take the group to places many had not seen before. He and Kathy attended every annual VTS / MTA rally, no matter how distant, and they also did every Buzzard Butt Buster. That's more than I can claim.

I liked Bud and so did everyone else in our group. Bud and Kathy were also very active in the UMCI and I have no doubt that everyone there liked Bud, too. One of my fondest memories of Bud is his taking over the cooking chores at our Camp-Ins at the Oregon coast. He and a handful of volunteers would whip up a most glorious breakfast for the crowd - and a huge crowd it was too, in those days.

Speaking for myself and many others, we miss you Bud and we are hoping you are scouting out those neat motorcycling roads up there, so we can enjoy, once more, riding behind our Road Captain. God speed old friend.