October 1984, Volume 1, Number 3

Adventure Road AR_1984-10 (1.3 MB PDF)


Road Muffins
A little ingenuity saves the day and a vacation.
Canadian Adventure
First Canadian Venture owners tour Niagara.
Laguna Seca Race Weekend
The hills were alive with the sound of VARROOM!

Extended Warranty Program
Definitely worth checking into.
Mail Call
Notes, letters, opinion pieces... So, what are you thinking?
VTS Priority Dealer Network
A list of Yamaha dealers who'll help you out. Don't leave home without id
Roll Call
State Reps can tell you where to go... to find your VTS neighbor, that is!
New Product Information
Yamaha unveils a slick new helmet. Just might be heady enough for you!
Bench Wrench
Bill Daly's wrenching the stator again... but this time with good news!
Behind the Shutter
Feeling out of focus lately? Here's some tips to sharpen your image!