A Friendly Warning

With the weather a bit cooler and wet, a friend of mine was using a tickle charger to keep his '83 Royale's battery alive during the winter. Once a week or so, he would connect it to the bike for a couple of hours. In December, seeing that the charger was on, he disconnected the battery and decided to start the engine to let the oil circulate. The bike started and ran fine, so he left it idling, and went into the house. Within minutes, the garage was on fire.

When he disconnected the charger from the battery, he connected the charger clips to the rubber seal around the gas filler cap. It is assumed that the vibration of the motor caused the clips to bump together, creating sparks and igniting the vapors from the filler cap. Everyone must be alert and be careful, not only when riding, but even during routine maintenance.

Bob Dowdy #10595 Atascadero, CA