Turning Red to Green

I was stopped at a signal light the other day and had some trouble getting the signal to turn green. Ever had that problem? Here is a hint:

As you approach a signal, look for markings on the pavement. These markings come in different types. Most are two large blocks on the road, marked with tar. If you are in San Luis Obispo, California, you might find a single white line with a bicycle outline in the middle. This white line will be in the center of the lane of traffic. For the past few years, the signal trippers have been electronic or magnetic strips buried in the pavement. The tar strips mentioned above are covering the grooves where the strips are buried. These are not tripped by weight but by metal being over them. You can find these about 18" before the white line at a signal light. The center line of the blocks is the most sensitive because it has two wires within it. Roll your wheel on it and the body of the bike will trip the signal. Look at the area around the white line the next time you're driving.

If you can't find the lines, put your front wheel on the white line, and the body of the cycle will be over the trip sensor. I hope this will help someone. Making all right turns doesn't get one too far.

Bob Dowdy #10595 Atascadcro, CA