This can only qualify for the "POOR MAN'S" series if you happen to already own or can pick up a cheap portable CB unit. The Cobra HH 37 ST unit that I purchased for this project was $89.99 at Best Buy. By the time you add the headset, it may be beneficial to look at the J&M or Chatterbox units if you don't already own a portable CB. On the other hand, there is the advantage to this setup that if you ever sell your bike, you can easily remove and keep the unit.

Now, I don't give a ding dong dang about listening to a bunch of CB chatter while I'm riding. The reason that I installed this unit was to communicate with other bikers in my group. For that reason, I place the portable CB in the trunk. The group that I normally ride with are a bunch of "Wingers" whom run on channel 1. I simply set the unit to channel 1 before we leave and that is where it stays. If you want the ability to change channels during your ride, then you will need to fabricate a handlebar mount for the unit.

This is a picture of my unit in the trunk. I have not gotten around to fabricating a mount for it but I will. My feeling is that one of the many cellular telephone holders will probably work just fine for that. You see three wires (other than the antenna) that plug into the side of the unit. One is for the remote mike, one for the remote speaker, and one for DC Power. You can run the unit on the batteries but I preferred to tie it into my electrical system.

I ran wires to the faring of my FXRD and I soldered in some female receptacles for connection the headset. The microphone plug on the headset was 3/32" and the speaker plug was 1/8". That is the size receptacles that I installed. After soldering them to the cables from the CB, I drilled the appropriate size holes and flush mounted them. The finished installation of the receptacles is pretty clean. In this picture, you can see them just below the toggle switch on the left edge of the lower faring. The toggle switch is a cut-out for the headlights and I also use it to power on the CB.

The headset that I used came from Radio Shack. It is an "over the head" design. I simply cut off the "over the head" part. All that remained was the speaker, microphone, and a short piece of metal about 3 inches long. I simply pushed the piece of metal between the helmet liner and the shell and it stays in place very well.

The cable with the headset has an inline controller that is selectable between VOX or push to talk. It has a small button on the side if you want to use the push to talk mode. The headset is Radio Shack catalog number 19-312 and is $49.99. The controller has a belt clip that you so you can just hook it to your belt if you want to use the VOX method. If you want to use the push to talk method, simply utilize some velcro to attach it near the hand grip. As you can see, it is plugged right into the receptacles that I mounted in the faring.

Last but not least. The unit comes with a portable antenna. It works okay but to really get out well, I chose to mount a regular CB antenna. Radio Shack has an adapter to go from the portable antenna to a regular cb antenna. NOW it works really well. This particular antenna came with a "luggage rack" mount so it can be mounted on any luggage rack or other tubing that is about 1/2" in diameter. I chose to drill two holes and mount it permanently.