On the chrome I use #7 Chrome Polish or an SOS soap pad for those real light scratches. What ever you do don't use one of those fiber pads they will leave marks in it. The other choice is 000 extra fine steel wool with some liquid soap on it. Just don't rub too hard with any of these products. If it is a deep scratch you're screwed; there is no way to get it out because it is probably thru the chrome finish. The # 7 Chrome polish is your best bet. I use it to clean and shine all the chrome on my bike, it removes dirt and even light rust and pitting on chrome. When you're done just throw some wax on it and that's it.

#7 Chrome Polish should be available at any auto parts store. It is made by Rain Dance and comes in a silver bottle with a big green #7 on it and retails for about $2.00 bucks.


Submitted by Pete