To remove new grips is simple. You will need a can of electrical contact cleaner, a flat blade screw driver and a pair of channel lock pliers.

For the left side grip, use screw driver to get under edge of grip (after prying the end chrome cap off) and spray contact cleaner under grip to loosen adhesive. Then twist grip off. Clean area and reapply new adhesive and new grip.

For the right side grip, unscrew end cap with channel lock pliers with a rag on jaw covers to protect the end cap. Remove and install new grip.

Submitted by Pete

Judging from the time and expense I went through on changing the grips on the ACE, I'd like for others to know what they're getting into.

Be careful about changing your grips - the Honda grips are an odd length - and they are a 1" diameter. You can get a set of 130mm, or 150mm aftermarket grips, but the stock ones seem to be 140mm. I went through a lot of trial-and-error, what I ended up with was the 130mm, and a gap on the left side between the grip and the switch housing.

The switch housing has a peg which fits into a hole in the handlebar that prevents the assembly from rotating. So, it is rather inconvenient to slide the housing over to meet the grip.

In the process of removing the right grip from the sleeve which is connected to the throttle cables, I cracked the plastic sleeve. I tried an aftermarket Harley sleeve, but it kept binding up in the housing, running like a " cruise control. " Not a great idea. So, I had to buy an entire new right grip from Honda ( they don't sell just the sleeve ) for $ 25.

With all this, I still had a gap of about 1/2" between the grip and the throttle housing. I filled this in with a strip of chrome " tape " from the automotive department at Meijer. Looks great.

Good luck.


Submitted by Brian Hendrickson