1. Put yourself on the scooter and position it upright, i.e., riding position. Have the other person measure from the center of the headlamp to the floor of your garage.

2. Measure off 25' from the front of the lamp and draw a line (horizontally that corresponds to the floor to lamp center point) on the wall.

3. Turn your lights on and put them on high beam (not low beam). You should have two screws on the nacelle of your headlamp ring, one for vertical adjustment and one for horizontal adjustment. I don't which is which on the 750, so you'll just have to try both. First, adjust the vertical (with your weight still on the bike) so the light is even above and below the horizontal line you drew on the wall. Then adjust the horizontal so you have an equal amount of light to the left and right of the center point.

This should put you "almost perfect" on high beam and low beam.
Good Luck.



Submitted by Ronn