Enzo Lopes’s Career

Enzo Lopes is a Brazilian youngster who made a significant precedent in the motocross industry. This 19 years old boy from the Rio Grande do Sul literally start competing for motocross since he was just 6. It seems like motocross racing was grown up in him by birth. In 2006 he officially started his career and since then he didn’t look back. After winning 11 championships in Brazil he’s now spreading his God-gifted racing skill throughout world. The big factory racing company Suzuki signed him in 2015 afterward his moving in California. After moving to the USA Enzo has been moving all around the continent to competing season after season with a remarkable success. At such a younger age, he becomes a rising talent in motocross racing.

Championships He Won

Enzo has been the consecutive champion of Brazilian Motocross Championship in the 50cc category at 2006-2008. After three years he started racing in 65cc category and undoubtedly was the champion in 2011. One year after that championship, he levels up to the 85cc junior category and was champion too! Then expectedly he owns Brazilian Motocross and Arena Cross Championship status in 2014.

Although he was the sole champion in Brazil and was the nation’s hero, there weren’t enough facilities for a motocross racer to extend the career there. So in 2015, being an unbeaten champion in Brazilian motocross, Enzo decided to move to the USA to spread his racing career. As being such a young talent, this decision came out a successful one when he could able to keep the runner-up position in Race 1 at Loretta Lynn’s. He also became the runner-up of Race 2 in the same year. After three of years of racing amateur throughout the USA, finally, he became the pro in 2018.

Team & Sponsorship

Enzo Lopes is currently a Redbull sponsored racer who is racing in JGR Suzuki team. JGR Suzuki has been with him from 2011, making him the youngest racer they have ever hired in their team. A couple of more teams like Yamaha and Honda also tried to hire him. But somehow they couldn’t, and still are hoping to see him in their team. Enzo is currently living in North Carolina where his team JGR Suzuki located. He loves to stay closer to the team so that he can practice with them and level up his skill well.

As a motocross racer, Enzo also used to dream of Supercross Championship in Europe and cherished to see himself as a Supercross champion. Even he got the offer to race in Europe through KTM and Honda. But as he is now the USA with a reputed team and he is doing well here, America seized the dream of Europe!

Being the youngest champion of motocross, Enzo Lopes become one of the star motocross racers around the globe. He is just 19 years old boy. So his career is yet to shine more. Unlike other overnight stars, Enzo is a calm and quiet boy. He is neither an overconfident nor boastful person, he likes to learn and explore a new level of racing. As he is very hungry for success, all he wants now is to pursue his career in America and become the American motocross champion very soon.